Mediation can be the most cost effective way to settle any kind of dispute. Afsaneh (Sunny) Motaghed-McGahey, Esq. has been a successful mediator in hundreds of mediations of all types in all areas of the law, including but not limited to business agreements, real estate, contracts, personal insury and automobile property damage, probates, employment, labor disputes, insurance disputes and homeowners' association matters.

In mediation, an experienced mediator will help all parties involved in the dispute address and resolve not only the legal problems involved, but also other matters as well. For instance, there may be emotional matters such as pride, revenge, anger, etc. involved in a dispute which are blocking reasonable settlement negotiations. These factors will not be considered or decided by a Judge in a Court of Law, even if the case goes to Trial. The result is continued litigation and appeals because all of the factors surrounding the dispute have not been addressed like they would be in a mediation before a skilled mediator.

In addition, mediation has the added advantage that it is completely voluntary. When a settlement agreement is reached during a mediation process, it is more likely to be successfully carried out because all parties involved voluntarily agreed to all its terms.

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